What Our Tenants Say...

"Hello Joe,

I came home from work tonight to the most beautiful sight ever-the newly stained front door. Oh my goodness it's so beautiful! It makes the entire entrance look amazing. 
Please tell him he is doing such a great, beautiful, amazing job!!!
You have worked really hard planning and executing so many improvements. Confession, I do really miss the big old trees but I can see so much love, time, money and expertise going into this historic building. 
Thank you for all the love and dedication you have for your building and for my home. I love living here!"

"Dear Alloco Staff:

I wanted to send an email expressing my sincere appreciation and thanks for the hard work the plow men did during the storm! Not only was the driveway kept clear but yesterday a gentleman used a snow blower to make "walking paths" between cars. I've never seen such service before. It was very nice to come out this morning and not have to be knee deep in snow in order to brush off and get into my car. Would you please pass along my gratitude to all the men who did an amazing job? I feel it was so very nice of them to go that extra mile." 

"My Experience with Alloco Real Estate Management:

I can't say enough good things about my overall experience with Alloco Real Estate Management while living at 963 East Avenue, one of the company's properties near the Eastman Museum in the Historic District.  From the start, the team at Alloco made my transition from Manhattan to Rochester incredibly easy by showing my fianc√© and I various apartments in a variety of buildings throughout the City of Rochester.  Although we ultimately chose 963 East Avenue, we were extremely impressed with Alloco's entire portfolio. Most importantly, the maintenance staff at Alloco is five star, and always available 24/7.  When my employer transferred me back to New York, I dealt directly with the President of Alloco Real Estate Management, Joseph Alloco, who personally went out of his way to find a new tenant to fulfill the obligations under our lease.  It was refreshing to deal with such a classy and accommodating company during my time in Rochester.  Thanks again for making our experience in Rochester memorable!" 

"To the Prospective Tenant of Alloco Properties:

I have lived at Ridgeway Garden Apartments since 1998, owned by Mr. Joe Alloco.  Joe and his staff have made me feel very comfortable and secure from day one.  I have never had a problem with electricity, plumbing, heat, air conditioning, grounds-keeping or security that wasn't solved quickly by Joe and his staff.  The reason is very simple.  Joe cares about people and has a strong work ethic.  He is a man who has high moral principles and he utilizes these things to care for his tenants.  I feel that Ridgeway Gardens is my home because Alloco Properties is owned and managed by a person who cares about people and their well being, and that person is Joe Alloco."

"Dear Mr. Alloco,

Grateful thanks to you for all of your wonderful efforts here at Wood Creek.  The attention you have given the property here has enhanced the complex, but as well made the lives of us, particularly the long term folks, so very much nicer.  Your efforts are appreciated greatly." 

"Dear Joe,

I wanted to take this opportunity with pen in hand to thank you!  We see that you demonstrate your role of being our landlord with incredible kindness and a genuine caring that we've formerly not been accustomed to.  This 'house' truly is our 'home' and painting those atrocious mailboxes was something long overdue!  What an eyesore!  Welcome aboard - we're so very glad to have you!"

"Dear John,

Thank you so much for your letter and call.  I really appreciate it.  I also appreciate your many kindnesses to me and your thoughtfulness after these many years - I feel very much at home here."


Thank you for all you do to make this a nice place to live."

"Dear Joe & John,

I have been accepted into senior housing - they have an apartment available for me.  I have truly enjoyed the 14 years living here at Ridgeway Gardens and would highly recommend this complex to others.  Joe, since you took over the complex, the upkeep, enhancements, etc. have been excellent.  I wish your company well in the future.

Thank you for all my years of living here at Ridgeway and all you have done to make it a happy experience.  This move is very bittersweet for me."

"Dear Joe,

Just a quick note to tell you how appreciated your efforts are to enhance the grounds at Wood Creek - it looks great! 

Joe & his guys have done such a wonderful job.  The changes you have made and the care you take with your properties makes what was a nice place to live a marvelous place to live."

Dear Joseph,

I have been a resident of New England Village fro 12 plus years.

Since you purchased the complex this summer, I have noticed a VAST improvement in the way the property is maintained.  Thank you for all you have done to this point.

Keep up the good work!

"Dear Penfield Skyline Apartments,

I am writing to give notice of moving out prior to my lease ending.  I am moving due to my employer relocating their facilities. 

I have had a very pleasant experience living at Penfield Skyline Apartments, and I would recommend this complex to anyone who would like a good place to live, that is an exceptional, and in a good location.  Thank you very much and I appreciate all that you have done."

"Dear John,

Thank you for a great two years here - the service has been second-to-none."


I have enjoyed my stay at Penfield Skyline apartments and I'd like to thank you and your staff for their responsiveness and attention given to me as a tenant."


With much regret I will not be renewing my lease.  I have loved every single day living here.  Thank you for such great care."

"Dear Mr. Alloco:

I have enjoyed my time living in Wood Creek, and I applaud the improvements your company has made to the property.  I will be sure to recommend Wood Creek Apartments in need of good housing."

"Dear John,

I have enjoyed my tenancy at Wood Creek and would recommend it to anyone searching for an apartment."

"Dear John,

Thank you for a great stay at Wood Creek.  I will recommend it to anyone!"


Please know my mother was very happy at Wood Creek.  She always felt safe and was always helped when she called for any problems.  We (her children) all felt it was a wonderful place.  She enjoyed everyone and everything about the complex.  Thank you again."


Just want to say thanks, as always, for putting up with me and always responding so fast.   You always take car of things quickly and with a smile.  Thanks again!"


I enjoy living here very much.  The landscaping is beautiful.  When I saw the tulip leaves sprout I was very excited.  Everyone has been so nice to me and I appreciate that.  Thank you again."


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to live here at Ridgeway Gardens.  It has been a pleasure to live here.  I will be sure to pass on to others looking for a place to live that this was the best place I've rented from.  Thank you!"


The renovations to our entryway in our building is very nice - thank you for the upgrade.  The gentleman who did the work was great, they worked hard and was very respectful of our space.  Also, thank you for taking such good care of the property in the winter.  It's so nice to have such good care in an apartment situation."

"Mr. Alloco,

You are a great landlord and I am very pleased to be one of your tenants. You have a great group of people working for you at this park.  They are always there for us when in need.  Thanks again."